Wednesday, March 30, 2005

New Comments Policy

Now that longer comments are possible, a new issue has come up, namely the posting of large amounts of other people's text into comments. I've updated the comments policy to address this.

Here is the text of the new policy:

1. Any comments containing profane, racist, or otherwise abusive language are not permitted and will be deleted immediately.

2. Any comments containing large amounts of copyrighted text, such as a published article, will have the text edited out and replaced by a link to the original work. Judicious quoting of articles and linking to articles to support a point are permitted.

3. Finally, comment spam will be deleted immediately.

4. Violators of these policies may be banned from commenting at my discretion. In most cases, except spam, a warning will be issued before any ban.
This policy is also posted in the sidebar. It covers all posts made after 9:30 PM PST on 3-30-05.

Thanks for your cooperation,

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