Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My Response to Spunky

Spunky, at SpunkyHomeSchool, has a great reply to my post Equal Education. Spunky writes:

It is the statement, "to achieve and equal education, each person must receive instruction tailored to his needs to arrive at the same educational goal," that I would like to focus. If I understand this correctly, it is okay to tailor instruction but only if they arrive at the same educational goal.

Who defines the "educational goal"? Before we can ever begin to think about how we are to teach a child, we must decide why we are to teach a child. What is a "well educated child"?
She's right. I failed to define what an educational goal was. The meaning I took into the essay was that an educational goal was what a student should have learned at the end of a grade or course. What Spunky saw was an overarching reason to educate children. If we go by her definintion, I sound like quite the statist in the original post. However, I'm with Spunky in saying that the big education goals should be determined by parents.

The smaller educational goals are different. If a school has enrolled a student in Algebra, then the school should provide instruction that will allow that student to learn Algebra at an appropriate pace. The point is to teach the child Algebra, not present the material in a year and hope the student will pick up what he can. That's cheating students whether it happens in a public school or private school. It's also what happens with the current mainstreaming mentality, which inspired my post in the first place.

So, now that you've read this, I invite you to re-read the original post. It will read differently.

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