Monday, February 21, 2005

Two-Week Blogiversary

I was reading over at the Ed Wonks' place that today is their six-month blogiversary. Take a moment to head on over there and congratulate them on six months of fine work, including hosting the Carnival of Education.

Today also happens to be this blog's two-week blogiversary. Yay! What a couple of weeks it's been, too. I've had the opportunity to talk about a lot of stuff, which has been cool. I've also recieved some great feedback from some friendly folks, way cooler. I also know I've been picking up some loyal readers, which has been awesome.

Based on the comments, I award the title of "Loyal Reader #001" to Instructivist. In truth, though, I appreciate all of my loyal readers. You guys have been great. It's you guys who make this blog so much fun for me. So keep coming, keep reading, and keep commenting!

Thank you all!

P.S.: If you're a loyal reader who wants his or her blog on the blogroll, leave a comment saying so and I'll add you.

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