Sunday, February 27, 2005

More on You can’t have it both ways did some deeper digging on the Newsweek piece I blogged on here. Apparently, the panel's finding was that the law was on constitutionally-questionable footing, not "unconstitutional" as the Newsweek reporter put it, and the states think that may be the path to keeping it from being an un- or underfunded mandate.

I still maintain that the law slaps the 10th Amendment in the face and should therefore be repealed. Of course, it seems as if the 10th Amendment is a toothless tiger nowadays, which is really worrisome, since it provides the best defense of federalism in the Constitution.

Anyway, I'm (pleasantly) surprised that someone followed up on this subject, since I didn't give it more than a passing mention. I love the blogosphere!

TOPIC: Education