Monday, February 07, 2005

JUST when it was getting good!

Have you ever thought something was just getting good and then it ended?

You haven't? Well, I have! In fact, that's how I feel right about now.

As a Trek Fan, I wasn't particularly happy with the fifth series, Enterprise. The first two seasons were very un-Trek-like, with evil Vulcans and the contrived temporal cold war that never went anywhere. The third season was a slight improvement, with the ship stuck in the expanse fighting the Xindi, away from the evil Vulcans. In fact, it was a pretty decent action series. It still wasn't Trek, though.

It's only been this year that it's gotten good. So far this season, Manny Coto, the new head honcho on the show, has ditched the temporal cold war and set the evil Vulcans on the true path. It finally feels like Trek again.

Then comes this piece of news: Enterprise has been cancelled.

Hopefully, Star Trek’s fans will get the show a fifth season, so Coto can really stretch his legs. If you want to help, visit:

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